Matt Brown and Cynthia Mendes

Matt Brown is running for Governor.

Cynthia Mendes is running for Lt. Governor.

And they will be running alongside an unprecedented, multiracial group of 50 progressive candidates for the RI state legislature.

This team of candidates – which includes nurses, retail workers, students, and teachers – will fight for the people of Rhode Island, not corporate lobbyists or the super-rich. When elected to office, they will replace the corrupt politicians who control our state government, and will then lead the country by enacting a Green New Deal, universal health care, and sweeping racial justice policies. Our new government will also invest in green affordable housing, create thousands of good union jobs, and clean up toxic pollution to ensure that every Rhode Islander has a safe home, clean air, clean water, and clean energy.

Next year, we can replace our entire government and create a Rhode Island that finally works for all of us.

About Matt

I’m Matt Brown and I’ve been fighting for a better government my entire life — literally. My mom went into labor at the 1969 March Against the Vietnam War at the Capitol. I spent my childhood with her in church basements organizing marches and going to rallies. She and my dad inspired me to dedicate my life to public service. I served as Rhode Island’s Secretary of State, where I expanded voting rights and uprooted corruption, and I’ve spent over 30 years of my life building and running nonprofit organizations dedicated to making our state and world safer and more just. My wife, Marisa, and I are raising our two kids about a mile down the road from where I grew up. Now, I’m running for Governor with Cynthia and a team of 50 incredible candidates to oust the corrupt political machine that has controlled our state for decades. We’re going to build a Rhode Island for all.

About Cynthia

I’m Cynthia Mendes and I’m running for Lieutenant Governor. I’m a single mom and I’ve had to work two jobs at a time just to support myself and my daughter Francesca. I never imagined getting into politics. But no matter how many hours Francesca and I spent volunteering to address the suffering that our politicians ignored, my neighbors continued to go into medical debt, lose their homes, and struggle to survive. So in 2020, I decided to challenge Rhode Island’s powerful and corrupt Senate Finance Chair. We won. Since being elected to the RI Senate, I’ve fought relentlessly for reproductive healthcare, government transparency, racial justice, universal health care, and climate action.

Our Platform: Rhode Island for All

Our Pledge:

    • No Corporate PAC Donations
    • No Fossil Fuel Donations
    • No Corporate Lobbyist Donations
Affordable Housing for All
Healthcare for All
Quality Education for All
Green New Deal for All
Fair Economy for All
Equal Justice for All
Pandemic Protection for All
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