Matt Brown and Cynthia Mendes

Rhode Islanders deserve a whole new government!

That’s why Matt Brown is running for governor.

Cynthia Mendes is running for lieutenant governor.

And they are running alongside dozens of progressive candidates from every corner of Rhode Island who will fight for truly affordable housing, a Medicare for All style healthcare system, a Green New Deal, a $19 minimum wage, and more. When they win, this team of nurses, teachers, social workers, activists – people who have spent their lives fighting for their communities – will replace the conservative politicians who have run our state for decades and build a government that finally works for all of us.

No person can fix the problems we face alone. This is a campaign not just to elect a new governor and lieutenant governor – it’s a campaign to elect a whole new government.

Meet Matt

For the last 30 years I’ve founded and led non-profit organizations tackling some of the biggest challenges that our society faces. Now, I’m running alongside Cynthia Mendes to build a whole new government.

Portrait photo of Cynthia Mendes

Meet Cynthia

I NEVER imagined getting into politics. And then I thought about how my daughter, Francesca, and her friends talk about not wanting to have kids because she fears the climate crisis. I thought about the working mothers, like me, trying to make ends meet and people I serve on the street – who are not the kinds of people normally in positions of power.

Our Platform A Whole New Government


  • $19 minimum wage
  • Tax the rich
  • Expand paid family leave


  • Build affordable homes
  • Cap rent increases
  • End bans on multi-family homes

Health Care

  • Medicare for All style system
  • Cap health insurance CEO pay
  • Reverse Medicaid cuts

Green New Deal

  • Shut down fossil fuel polluters
  • Reach net-zero emissions by 2040
  • Make public transportation free

Our Pledge

No donations from:

  • Corporate lobbyists
  • Corporate PACs
  • Fossil fuel industry
  • Gun lobbyists or the NRA
Sleep-out | December 2021

The movement is 
already working.

In December, Matt and Cynthia – alongside dozens of community members – slept outside of the State House for 16 nights to demand that the people in power address Rhode Island’s unprecedented homelessness crisis.

After failing to act on this looming crisis for 10 months, in response to this action, the state committed to create over 400 new shelter spaces for unhoused Rhode Islanders.

Watch The Video

Watch the story of how Sleep Out RI – the 17-day protest led by Matt Brown, Cynthia Mendes, and RI housing activists – unfolded.

Change can happen.

Locked out of the halls of power (literally), our movement won lifesaving change. Imagine what our state would be like if Matt, Cynthia, and the dozens of others who slept outside the State House were the ones running things.

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